I have been a dog lover since day one and I will always be one. I purchased my first dog when I was 18-years-old and before that I took care and walked my neighbours' dogs. This is how I got to know many different breeds.

My first own dog was a Cockerspaniel Netta (Zeiban's Im Bobygirl). I don't know for sure why it was the Cockerspaniel in particular that appealed to me. Maybe it was the ears, the sad looking eyes and that happy, fussy nature of theirs. Netta truly
was a real Cockerspaniel. She was always busy doing something and did not believe a word I said. She was a true personality and a very clever girl. Netta did not succeed that well in the show ring as I had bought her as a companion. For some reason I got interested in shows and we did go to a few but did not achieve anything special. I did however want the breed her because she was extremely healthy and so I began my breeding program with her. Netta gave me a litter of eight black puppies sired by Spinneyhill Sadler. The puppies were sold as companions but I decided to show one of the males, "Rambo" (Midian's Magic Black).  That became a day to remember as Rambo went BOB and was BIG3. Rambo did very well in his future shows also and as you can propably guess, that was the start for my showing and breeding enthusiasm.

 I started breeding Cockerspaniels with a sense of purpose with my second bitch "Maija" (Priceless Je't Aime). She had all the characteristics I saw important for a Cockerspaniel: an easy
family dog with a lovely temperament. Maija also did very nicely at shows, which though is not the main thing when choosing dogs for breeding. She proved herself as a good producer and gave me the foundation for breeding Cockerspaniels with good temperament, health and beauty.

In the course of years I began dreaming of another breed which would be easier to groom as Cockerspaniels need to be trimmed. I wanted the total opposite of cockerspaniels, a Spitz
breed. I thought about it and admired Akitas in books. Well, time passed and one day in a match show in Alajärvi I saw for the first time an American type of Akita (American Akita as these dogs are called now). He was Tarumäen Okisan Aki owned by Eila Hautala. It was love at first sight. As a devoted Cockerspaniel breeder no other breed had made such an impact to me as the American type of Akita. It was unbelievable how such a strong and powerful dog could move with so much beauty and the shape of that head with those tiny eyes and ears made a lasting impression. In 1997 I went to see and talk to the owners of these dogs at "Akita days". I heard that kennel Basnauz had an American type of Akita bitch puppy for sale. I went to see this puppy and fell in love with her in an instant. "Kami" (Basnauz Komiko), as she was called became my first American type of Akita.

I was hooked and made plans to start breeding this breed also. My history in breeding American Akitas is yet short, but full of plans. We will see what the future holds!



We stopped breeding Cockerspaniels in year 2008.
In the photo above are some of our former Cockerspaniels.



You can find more information about Amba at
Kennel Sheerclever's website or directly from me midians@jippii.fi

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